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Switzerland: The company Topcar in Zug, Switzerland has illuminated their motor show with our LED lamps. Besides the electricity savings on electricity charges (breakdown below), the cars are also presented colorfast and clear. Topcar is very happy with the result.
Before: Total Power 3750 Watt
Now: Total Power 1840 Watt

Airport Altenrhein, St.GallenAirport, Switzerland installed building lighting, 2009

Some ohter projects:

Three Gorges Dam    
Oil deposit of PetroChina    
Jinsha Street , Wucheng District, Jinhua City    
Minhang Main Road, Quzhou City    
Filling station of PetroChina    
Qingmuguan Tunnel of Chongqing Suiyu Expressway    
Qingmuguan Tunnel of Chongqing Suiyu Expressway   Luochang Expressway,Fuzhou
Luqiao Tunnel ,Taizhou City    
Tongyuan Housing estate,Jinhua City   Zhongyang Main Road of Juhua Group



Jinsha road, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province installed 302 sets of ML010-90W(3*30W) street lamps

Tongyuan Industrial zone, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province installed 76sets of ML022-60W street lamps

Yiwu Avenue, Jinhua city, Zhejiang province installed 356sets of ML009-150W(2*75W) street lamps.

Juhua Avenue, Quzhou city, Zhejiang province installed 326sets of ML009-100W (2*50W) street lamp

Quzhou Minghang road, Quzhou city, Zhejiang Province installed 358sets of ML022 (2*50W) street lamps.

We also have installed about 5000setsin Sichuan province, Chongqing, Shandong, Hebei, Hubei and Xinjiang Uygur.

In Korea we won the bid for the Puchon city and Posco steel plant street light project this year. They purchase 350pcs of street lights for this order.

In Spain we cooperate with the government and install about 500pcs street lights on 2 roads for testing this years. They also do some football field lighting project.

South Africa, they sale our street lights and RGB lamps.

We sold about 500pcs of 40w and 100w LED spotlight and street light to Japan this half year.

Iran We sold about more than 200sets at last year.

Finland, Belgium, Poland, Switzerland, Australia, Italy and other foreign countries, we also had some customers.

Explosionproof lamps

Uygur Northwest oil field installed 3058pcs of explosion proof lamps.

PetroChina gas stations installed about 500pcs explosion proof at last year. They will appoint our products to replace other gas station lamps in the future.

China National offshore oil Cor. had purchased 556pcs of our explosion proof lamps for the trial order. They will install it on the offshore drilling platform. Later we will have long term cooperation.

Iran customer also purchased about 100 pcs of explosion proof lamps.

Korea customers had purchased totally about 100pcs of explosion proof lamps.

Tunnel lamps

Qingmuguan Expressway tunnel (Chongqing Municipality) installed 498pcs of 50w tunnel lamps.

Taizhou Luqiao Expressway tunnel ( Taizhou city, Zhejiang Province) installed 124pcs of 50w tunnel lamps

Wangtianbao HighwayTunnel ( Chongqing Municipality) installed 239pcs of 70w tunnel lamps.

Fujian Maweishan Expressway Tunnel (Fujian province) installed 310pcs of 50w tunnel lamps.

Lanxi Yunshan Highway Tunnel (Zhejiang province) installed 225pcs of 60w tunnel lamps.

Zhejiang Dayangtan Highway Tunnel (Zhejiang Province) installed 326pcs of 80w tunnel lamps.