LED Light Financing Options... that put money in YOUR pocket!

LED lighting is considerably more expensive than traditional metal halide options, forcing many companies to delay a lighting retrofit until business picks up and they have the ability to pay for the upgrade. But, what if that lighting upgrade actually put money back in YOUR pocket every month? That’s where „RISU LED Financing” comes in to play.

The company RISU, located in Vienna, recently announced it’s "Green Facility Lease" program, which allows businesses across Austria and Europe to upgrade to LED lighting with little money down.

The best part… the fact that we are able to make with our „RISU LED Financing” your monthly payments are LESS than energy savings. To spell it out even more clearly, the „RISU LED Financing System” are putting money BACK into your facility every month!

"With the RISU supporting the move to make existing commercial buildings as energy efficient as possible, we are seeing tremendous interest in the area of LED lighting

"Business owners see the long paybacks typically associated with solar pv and small-scale wind, and want something that will effect their bottom ASAP. With LED lighting retrofits from RISU paying back as quickly as 12-months.

With viable commercial leasing and finance options readily available, now is the time to go green… and save some green in your commercial property of facility.

For more information on the leasing and financing options contact the RISU experts.