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NEU: Smartflower bei RISU - All-in-One-Solarlösung ohne aufwendige Installation.

hier mehr Infos: http://www.risu-smartflower.at/

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The specialitie of RISU are LED Lamps (Street lamps, Spot lamps,Bulbs and Down Lights) and LED tubes. We have specialized in these LED lamps in the last years, and we think that we have one of the best product ranges available.

All of our products are in compliance with the CE standard.

"We are dedicated to providing quality, affordable and environmentally friendly lighting for the future - using high quality LED components."

We are also able to make with our „RISU LED Financing“ your monthly payments are LESS than energy savings.

LED lighting is ultra-compact and dramatically more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs – up to 85% more efficient – and over 10% more efficient than compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL’s).

Just imagine, you could install an LED bulb in your newborn’s room today, and probably not have to replace that bulb until your child is off to college. And, because LED bulbs are based on solid-state lighting technology that emits light from a chip, they produce minimal heat and there is no filament to burn out, as with incandescent bulbs. Nor do they contain mercury and other toxic material.